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Our Vehicles Can Be Rented for Your Toughest Projects
The ability to do a job in marshy or swampy areas is a niche that often cannot be capitalized on because it requires specialized equipment that many companies do not have. Often times, the Marsh Master can give your company a competitive edge. It’s unique amphibious design allows it to function as a  personnel carrier or as a  platform for a variety of hydraulic attachments. A three point hitch system, low flow and high flow hydraulics,  a high capacity cooling system, and a variety of specialty attachments increase capability and add value. Whether it be a one day job or a long term project, call or email us about your unique job requirements and let us put our many years of experience in this field to work for you.When you need a tough, reliable, fully amphibious piece of equipment that has unmatched capabilities in wetland environments you need a Marsh Master. The marsh buggies that we manufacture we also lease by the day, week, or month. We can provide custom tilt-bed trailers for our MM-1 and MM-2 that makes either one of these small marsh buggies easily transportable with a 3/4 ton truck. If you need more than just a personnel carrier, we have several custom attachments that can be fitted to the MM-2 to do a variety of jobs.

We can provide spray rigs and hydraulic cutters for right-of-way and pipeline maintenance, backhoes, anchoring machines to set helical utility anchors, and a Geoprobe® 420M soil sampling unit for discreet soil sampling and running conductivity probes.

Please contact us and we will work with you to evaluate your needs and job challenges. You can contact us by calling 1•800•827•5320 or email us at

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