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MM-1LX or MM-2LX ? Choose the best tool for your application



With a floating load capacity of 1500 lb, it is designed to be a personnel carrier, or support a 70 gallon herbicide spray rig. Its low ground pressure, light footprint, and compact size make it ideal for working in environmentally sensitive areas. Also, this unit is light enough to be towed with a properly equipped 1/2 ton pickup truck, avoiding potential DOT issues. (Note: DOT regulations may vary from state to state.) With a floating load capacity of 2,200 lb maximum, the MM-2LX is a larger model that is designed with versatility in mind. It can function as a personnel carrier as well as a platform for running various auxiliary attachments. More flotation, power, and hydraulic flow give this machine the capability to perform a variety of tasks with various hydraulic-driven attachments. (Note: Floating load capacity may vary by model.)

MM-1LX/MM-2LX Comparison Chart

Length 13 ‘ 8 “ 15 ‘ 10 “
Width 7 ‘ 4 “ 8 ‘ 0 “
Height 7 ‘ 5 “ 7 ‘ 11 “
Ground Clearance 24 “ 32 “
Track Width 24 “ 28 “
Weight (approximate) 3900 lbs 6110-6960 lbs (depending on model)
Load Capacity 1500 lbs up to 2200 lbs (depending on model)
Speed on Land 6 mph 8 mph
Speed in Water 1 mph (tracks only) 3 mph (prop drive or small outboard) 1 mph (tracks only) 3 mph (prop drive or small outboard)
Engine 44 hp KubotaV1505-T-E3B 81 hp VM D754 TE3
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Final Drive Direct Drive High Torque Direct Drive High Torque
Body 3/32 ” Aluminum 1/8 ” Aluminum
Front-Mounted Hydraulic Winch Standard Standard
Outboard Motor Mount Standard Standard
Auxiliary Tool Circuit Standard Standard
Marsh Master