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The most capable, multi-use amphibious track vehicle in the world

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Single Model.
Wide-Ranging Capabilities.

Diverse job requirements demand a machine with diverse capabilities. High flotation and a powerful drive system give the Marsh Master® MM-2LX that capability. Throw in the custom 3-point hitch system and a variety of job-specific attachments, and the MM-2LX becomes the undeniable choice when you need a multi-purpose machine to do many different jobs.

Benefits of the MM‑2LX:

  • High Flotation
  • Large Cargo Area
  • Low Ground Pressure (1 psi)
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Marine-Grade Aluminum Body
  • Multi-Purpose Tool Carrier
      • Extremely durable rubber belt track system
      • Low maintenance oil bath lubricated bogey system (no greasing)
      • Powerful Tier 4 Final approved 74 HP Kohler KDI 2504TCR diesel engine.

    – no DEF, no DPF, and no REGEN, more work and less downtime

Attachments that Adapt to Every Situation

MM-2LX Cutter

The MM-2LX Cutter is a hydraulically driven, two spindle cutting unit that is designed specifically for wetland mowing applications.

  • Capable of cutting vegetation and brush up to 3” in diameter with ease
  • Two heavy-duty rotary blades cut a 84” swath through deep underbrush and tall marsh grasses.
  • Easy to remove due to a 3-point hitch system.
  • Ideal for applications in areas that limit other equipment, such as
    • Phragmites mitigation
    • Pipeline and right-of-way maintenance
    • Fire fighting
    • Management applications
  • Practical alternative to costly aerial herbicide applications or mowing operations in wetland areas inaccessible to non-amphibious equipment.

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MM-2LX Roller Chopper

The MM-2LX Roller Chopper provides a simple, low cost method that rolls and flattens grasses while tracking, which is ideal for invasive phragmites and cattail control, wetline creation in control burning operations, or creating open water waterfowl habitat.

  • Creates an 8′ open swath with each pass
  • Attaches easily to the 3-point hitch
  • Drum can be filled with water for extra weight.
  • Fast and extremely effective in standing water up to 3′ deep.

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MM-2LX Vegetation Blade

The MM-2LX can be outfitted with a front-mounted 3-point hitch and a vegetation blade. This blade is designed to effectively clear cattails and other invasive wetland plants that encroach into ponds, lakes, and drainage areas inaccessible by non-amphibious equipment.

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MM-2LX Herbicide Spray Rig

The MM-2LX can be outfitted with a Herbicide Spray Rig that works extremely well in applications such as mosquito control, invasive plant control, or pipeline and right-of-way maintenance.

  • 85-gallon elliptical, bolt-on spray rig package for herbicide or pesticide applications
  • Equipped with a suction hose and strainer
  • Easily replenish tank by dropping hose into available water source
  • Available in hydraulic- or gas-driven version
  • Optional height adjustable, boomless nozzle spray bar

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MM-2LX Backhoe

The MM-2LX can be equipped with a Bradco 365 tractor backhoe, which is designed to perform small excavation jobs in environmentally sensitive wetland environments where the use of a conventional backhoe, trackhoe, or large marsh buggy excavator is not practical.

  • Digging depth of 5.5 ft
  • Easily pins on using our 3-point hitch system
  • Powered by the standard auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit
  • Operates in any environment requiring a fully amphibious, light weight, versatile, extremely mobile and transportable marsh buggy
  • Ideal for small wetland excavation jobs such as beaver dam and debris removal
  • Optional stationary thumb

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MM-2LX Disc Harrows

The MM-2LX Disc Harrows attachment is ideal for soil prep to plant feed for waterfowl or to create fire lines for controlled burning. Fully amphibious with the discs attached, this combo allows access to areas unreachable by conventional equipment.

  • Disc Size – 5-1/2’
  • Cutting Width – 66”
  • Max Cutting Depth – 6”
  • Number of Discs – 16
  • Disc Blade Diameter – 18”
  • Frame Type – 3 in. square tubing
  • Disc Spacing – 7.5”
  • Maintenance Free Sealed Bearings

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MM-2LX Ditcher

The MM-2LX Ditcher is a hydraulically driven unit that is designed specifically for wetland applications.

  • Capable of cutting up to a 17″ deep ditch
  • Ideal for mosquito abatement or wetland management projects
  • Made with all steel construction
  • Cast iron gearbox with oil bath side gearbox
  • Hydraulic toplink
  • Powder coat paint finish

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MM-2 Galvanized Heavy Duty Custom Trailer

The MM-2LX can be towed on our custom tilt-deck trailer. This trailer is designed specifically for the MM-2LX, so it is a perfect fit.

  • No ramps necessary
  • Galvanized finish –  no rusted frame for the life of the trailer
  • Gravity-tilt with hydraulic dampening. No battery or auxiliary hydraulic power unit for tilting.
  • The top deck will tilt smoothly to create a ramp to the ground once the buggy passes the pivot point.
  • Step ladder makes for easy access in and out of the buggy.
  • Center hump guides the buggy and ensures that it stays in the middle of the trailer.
  • Maintenance-free torsion axles
  • Electric brakes
  • GVWR – 14,000
  • Carrying capacity – 9,800

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MM-2 XL Galvanized Heavy Duty Custom Trailer

The MM-2LX can be towed on our custom XL tilt-deck trailer. This trailer is designed specifically for the MM-2LX with multiple attachments.

  • No ramps necessary
  • Galvanized finish –  no rusted frame for the life of the trailer
  • Gravity-tilt with hydraulic dampening. No battery or auxiliary hydraulic power unit for tilting.
  • The deckover tilt will tilt smoothly to create a ramp to the ground once the buggy passes the pivot point.
  • 4′ fixed deck in front of the tilt deck for multiple attachment transport
  • Maintenance-free torsion axles
  • Electric brakes
  • GVWR – 14,000
  • Carrying capacity – 9,300

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MM-2LX Anchor Master®

The MM-2LX Anchor Master® is the ideal attachment for transmission guy wire anchor in difficult-to-access wetland terrain. (Patent # US 10,174,559 B1)

  • Capable of setting distribution or transmission anchors vertically and at desired angles employing 6,000 ft/lbs of torque.
  • Applies downpressure to the anchor and is much faster than a traditional digger derrick.
  • Low-cost alternative to traditional access methods such as matting.
  • Low ground pressure minimizes environmental impact.
  • Optional ground rod driver addition creating a duel purpose attachment

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MM-2LX Crane

The MM-2LX equipped with a telescoping boom crane gives operators the ability to pick and transfer loads from a mobile, amphibious platform.

  • Can perform augering, anchoring, and lifting tasks
  • Perfect for wetland terrain inaccessible by other equipment
  • Capable of setting 45’ wood utility poles

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Marsh Master® Slick SledTM

The Slick Sled™ is an innovative, environmentally low-impact transportation system that enables operators to safely haul personnel and materials in a single trip through marsh, swamp, and all the dry ground in between.

(Patent # US 10,464,383)

  • Large load space to safely transport equipment
  • Distribute loads between the Slick Sled™ & Marsh Master® vehicle for greater capacity and safety
  • Safely floats up to 3500 lbs
  • Constructed from 3/16” 5052 aluminum
  • Bolt-on ultra tough UHMW polymer sheet on the bottom and sides
  • Steel A-frame tow bar
  • Low impact on sensitive environments, mitigates rutting
  • Landing craft-type, fold down rear transom
  • Optional galvanized tilt-deck trailer with electric brakes
  • Optional seating for up to 9 passengers
  • Optional hydraulic plumbing for attachments or tools
  • Optional spud system to anchor the Slick Sled® when floating for a rock solid work platform
  • Optional Deckover™ hydraulic side dump for debris removal

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Slick SledTM Galvanized Trailer

The Slick Sled™ can be towed on our custom hydraulic, gravity tilt-deck trailer. This trailer is designed specifically to unload and load the Slick Sled™ by the Marsh Master®.

  • No ramps necessary
  • Galvanized finish – no rusted frame for the life of the trailer
  • Gravity tilt with hydraulic dampening ram
  • Maintenance-free torsion axle
  • Electric brakes
  • GVWR – 7,200

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MM-2LX Geoprobe® 540M

The MM-2LX can be rigged with a Geoprobe® 540M for discrete soil sampling in wetland environments.

  • Amphibious capability
  • High mobility
  • High productivity
  • Light weight
  • Low environmental impact
  • Great solution for problems traditionally associated with environmental sampling in wetland areas.

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MM-2LX Fire Suppression

The amphibious MM-2LX Fire Suppression Unit is ideal for controlled burns or wetland wildfire suppression in marsh or swamp terrain inaccessible by other equipment.

  • Delivers a maximum flow of 20 gpm at a distance of approximately 35 ft.
  • Rapidly replenish the water tanks with a suction hose that can draw water from available on-site sources
  • 55 gallon water storage tanks centered in each pontoon allowing for more bed space, better balance, and lower center of gravity
  • Optional 110 gallon bed-mounted tank available
  • Easily combined with hydraulic rotary cutter or roller chopper attachments to create fire breaks and wet lines.

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Auxiliary Hydraulic Propeller Drive

The MM-2LX can be equipped with our proprietary hydraulic powered prop drive and attaches to the Marsh Master® vehicle’s hydraulic tool circuit with quick-connects. (Patent # US 10,293,648 B2; CA 2,905,463)

  • Attaches with a single pin for fast and easy installation/removal
  • Can be stowed in the overhead rack when not in use
  • Ramps up to 10 hp output
  • Tilts up when tracking
  • Propels Marsh Master® amphibious vehicle up to 3 mph without aid of tracks.
  • Features:
    • Tiller handle steering with tiller handle mounted F-N-R
    • Bolt-on protective ring around prop for added safety
    • Lightweight—only 75 lbs

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Outfit and Equip with Accessories to Add Value

Winch Catwalk

The MM-2LX can be equipped with a non-slip aluminum catwalk for working access over the winch.

Particularly useful for projects where frequent deck-level access is required, such as:

  • Surveying
  • Anchor setting
  • Line maintenance

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Deck Railing

Heavy duty bolt-on aluminum deck rails can be installed with an integrated fold down side access ladder.

  • Provide a secure and convenient work area

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Hydraulic Generator

Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles offer a 3000 watt hydraulic-driven generator that is powered off the aux. hydraulic tool circuit via quick-connects.

  • Portable compact design
  • Doubles as a bench seat
  • Provides a reliable power source for a variety of tooling

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Cargo Rack

There are two cargo rack options for your Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles: flush mounted rack and standard rack.

Ideal for transporting extra equipment or gear

  • Overhead rack options add more versatility to the MM-2LX
  • Baskets are equipped with tie downs, and perforated for drainage.
  • Can transport up to 100 lbs. of equipment or gear.

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Deck Inserts

Turn the bed opening of the Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles into a flat walking surface with this optional feature.

  • Lightweight, removable aluminum panels
  • Optional cushioned top for personnel bench seating

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Auxiliary Fuel Transfer Tank

Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles can include a 100 gal. auxiliary fuel transfer tank for equipment refueling operations.

  • Recessed and flush-mounted in the rear bed area
  • The diamond-plate top provides a flat walking surface.
  • The fuel tank features an electric transfer pump that can deliver about 30 gallons per minute
  • Provides a fast and efficient method for transporting and transferring fuel to machines in the field.

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Deck Liner

Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles can include a deck liner for added durability and enhanced non-slip decks.

  • Specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to your Marsh Master® vehicle’s operating surfaces
  • Protects the Marsh Master® amphibious vehicle from just about anything you or Mother Nature can dish out.
  • Utilized worldwide in commercial, industrial, agricultural, military, and custom applications.

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Rearview Camera

Rearview camera system with in-cab display to safely view your rear mounted attachment at work.

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Buggy Jack

Multi-level, custom built jack designed specifically for the Marsh Master® vehicle track system.

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MM-2LX Rear Seats

Modular rear seating designed specifically to safely and comfortably transport up to six personnel in our Marsh Master® MM-2LX. Quick and easy to install or remove depending on your application.

If you need to transport more than six people, see our Slick Sled™ with modular seating.

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Slick SledTM Seats

Slick Sled™ modular seating is the safe and comfortable way to transport more personnel to your job site in a single trip. The Slick Sled™ can be equipped with up to five rows of seats, safely transporting up to ten people. Easily removable to allow space for material transport.

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Need Maintenance to Your Marsh Master® Machine?

Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles are designed, engineered, fabricated and manufactured by Coast Machinery—and no one else. If your Marsh Master® vehicle needs service or maintenance to any parts, attachments or accessories, our full-line service facility can take care of the problems so you can take your machine back to the marsh.

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