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MM-2LX Amphibious Geoprobe® 540M


The MM-2LX can be rigged with a Geoprobe® 540M for discrete soil sampling in wetland environments. The many advantages of this combination include amphibious capability, high mobility, high productivity, light weight and low environmental impact making it a great solution for problems traditionally associated with environmental sampling in wetland areas.


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  • Stroke54 “
  • Length (mast vertical)28 “
  • Height (mast vertical-probe cylinder extended)94 “
  • Height (mast vertical-probe cylinder retracted)62 “
  • Down Force11,700 lbs
  • Retraction Force14,000 lbs
  • Hydraulic Pressure (Geoprobe® unit)2000 psi
  • Hydraulic Flow Rate (Geoprobe® unit)12 gpm
  • Hammer SystemGH42
  • Percussion Rate30 Hz
  • Torque345 ft-lb
  • Rotation Speed (bi-directional)125 rpm
  • Total Unit Weight (Geoprobe® 540 with base)670 lbs
  • Ground PressureApproximately 1 psi
  • TransportCan be towed with properly equipped pickup truck.
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