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MM-2LX Amphibious Fire Suppression


The amphibious MM-2LX Fire Suppression Unit delivers a maximum flow of 20 gpm at a distance of approximately 35 ft. Fully amphibious unit ideal for controlled burns or wetland wildfire suppression in marsh or swamp terrain inaccessible by other equipment. Low ground pressure minimizes environmental impact. Hydraulic rotary cutter or roller chopper attachments can be easily combined with fire suppression unit to create fire breaks and wet lines. Available with 55 gallon water tanks built into each pontoon for water transport or optional 110 gallon bed-mounted tank. Rapidly replenish the water tanks with a suction hose that can draw water from available on-site sources.



    FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM: One 55 gallon aluminum H2O tank built into each MM-2LX pontoon or optional 110 gallon rear bed-mounted tank
    PUMP: Flowmax 8 hydraulic motor driven, self-priming centrifugal high vol. H2O pump
  • HOSES15’, 1 1/2” suction hose for quick fill from local source, ditch or lake
  • HOSES12’ and 25’, 1 1/2” Goodyear Plicord ® discharge hoses
  • INDICATORin cab water level indicator
  • CONNECTORSCamlock hose connections and caps
  • WINCHFront mounted 10,000 lb hydraulic winch with 75’-3/8” cable
  • GROUND PRESSUREapprox.1.1 psi, minimal environmental impact
  • TRANSPORTcan be towed with a properly equipped pickup truck
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MM-2LX Fire Suppression in Action

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