Making the Impassable Possible.

Marsh Master Amphibious SlickSled®

US Patent#10,464,383 B2

The Slick Sled®, coupled with a Marsh Master®, is an innovative, environmentally low-impact transportation system that enables operators to safely haul personnel and materials up to 3500 lbs. Transport all of your materials or personnel in a single trip through marsh, swamp, and all the dry ground in between. The Slick Sled’s® wide surface area and flat-bottom design provides a very stable and comfortable ride for passengers.

High Capacity & Strength
• Large load space or seating for up to 9 passengers
• Distribute loads between the Slick Sled &
Marsh Master for greater capacity
Durable & Safe
• Safely floats up to 3500 lbs


• Constructed from 3/16” 5052 aluminum
• Bolt-on ultra tough UHMW polymer sheet on the bottom and sides
• Steel A-frame tow bar
• Low impact on sensitive environments, mitigates rutting
• Optional landing craft-type, fold down rear transom
• Optional hydraulic plumbing for attachments or tools
• Optional spud system to anchor the Slick Sled™ when floating for a rock solid work platform

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