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MM-1LX Amphibious Herbicide Spray Rig


The amphibious MM-1LX can be mounted with a 70 gallon skid-mounted spray rig for herbicide or pesticide applications. The spray rig unit is equipped with a suction hose and strainer that can be simply dropped into any available water source for quick tank replenishment. This unit works extremely well in applications such as mosquito control or pipeline and right-of-way maintenance.


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  • Tank70 gal poly
  • PumpHypro® D-30 with 0-580 psi Control Unit
  • HoseSuction Hose with Screen
  • Engine5.5 Honda Gasoline with Gear Reduction
  • OptionalHydraulic Motor in place of Honda Engine
  • Fittings & ValvesStainless Steel
  • FrameCustom Aluminum Frame
  • Weight173 lbs
  • Total Unit Weight (Spray Rig and MM-1LX)4073 lbs
  • Ground PressureApproximately 1 psi
  • TransportCan Be Towed with Properly Equipped Pickup Truck
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