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MM-1LX Amphibious Marsh Buggy

High performance with a low footprint.

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So Much Capability in Such a Compact Size

Capable of floating 1500 lbs, this amphibious vehicle is a real workhorse that’s simple to operate, easy to maintain, and extremely reliable. The MM-1LX marsh buggy is presently being used by electric utility companies, contractors, surveyors, environmental companies, oil and gas companies, search and rescue, and municipal/government agencies simply because it’s tough, compact and goes through terrains that limit or stop other track-type or wheel-type vehicles.

Benefits of the MM‑1LX:

  • The smallest of the Marsh Master® amphibious vehicle models
  • Capable of floating 1500 lb
  • Real workhorse in a small package
  • Compact size allows the machine to be towed by a 1/2 ton pickup truck
  • Low maintenance and very reliable

Attachments that Make a Difference

Marsh Master® Slick SledTM

(Patent # US 10,464,383)

The Marsh Master® amphibious vehicle Slick SledTM is an innovative, environmentally low-impact transportation system that enables operators to safely haul personnel and materials up to 2000 lbs.

Transport all of your materials or personnel in a single trip through marsh, swamp, and all the dry ground in between. The Slick SledTM vehicle’s wide surface area and flat-bottom design provides a very stable and comfortable ride for passengers.

  • Large load space to safely transport equipment
    Distribute loads between the Slick SledTM & Marsh Master® vehicles for greater capacity
  • Safely floats up to 2000 lbs
  • Optional seating for up to 9 passengers

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MM-1LX Herbicide Spray Rig

The amphibious MM-1LX can be mounted with a Herbicide Spray Rig for herbicide or pesticide applications.

  • 70 gallon skid-mounted spray rig
  • Equipped with a suction hose and strainer
  • Easily replenish tanks by dropping hose into available water source
  • Works extremely well in applications such as mosquito control or pipeline and right-of-way maintenance.
  • Available in hydraulic- or gas-driven version
  • Optional height adjustable, boomless nozzle spray bar

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Auxiliary Hydraulic Propeller Drive

(Patent # US 10,293,648 B2)

The MM-1LX can be equipped with our proprietary hydraulic powered prop drive and attaches to the Marsh Master® Amphibious Marsh Buggy’s hydraulic tool circuit with quick-connects.

  • Attaches with a single pin for fast and easy installation/removal
  • Can be stowed in the overhead rack when not in use
  • Ramps up to 10 hp output
  • Tilts up when tracking
  • Propels Marsh Master® vehicle up to 3 mph without aid of tracks.
  • Features:
    • Tiller handle steering with tiller handle mounted F-N-R
    • Bolt-on protective ring around prop for added safety
    • Lightweight—only 75 lbs

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Add Value with Every Accessory

Winch Catwalk

The MM-1LX can be equipped with a non-slip aluminum catwalk for working access to all sides of the marsh buggy while afloat or stationary at a project site.

Particularly useful for projects where frequent deck-level access is required, such as:

  • Surveying
  • Anchor setting
  • Line maintenance

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Deck Railing

Heavy duty bolt-on aluminum deck rails can be installed with an integrated fold down side access ladder.

  • Provide a secure and convenient work area

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Hydraulic Generator

Marsh Master® vehicles offers 3000 watt hydraulic-driven generator that is powered off the aux. hydraulic tool circuit via quick-connects.

  • Portable compact design
  • Doubles as a bench seat
  • Provides a reliable power source for a variety of tooling

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Front Brush Guard

The MM-1LX can be equipped with a bolt-on steel mesh guard to protect the windshield during operations that require tracking through heavy brush and small trees. (Not available with fold out windshield)

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Cargo Rack

Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles offer two types of cargo racks: flush mounted rack and standard rack.

  • Ideal for transporting extra equipment or gear
  • Overhead rack options add more versatility to the MM-1LX
  • Baskets are equipped with tie downs, and perforated for drainage.
  • Can transport up to 100 lbs. of equipment or gear.

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Deck Inserts

Turn the bed opening of a Marsh Master® vehicle into a flat walking surface with this optional feature.

  • Lightweight, removable aluminum panels
  • Optional cushioned top for personnel bench seating

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Deck Liner

Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles can include a deck liner for added durability and enhanced non-slip decks.

  • Specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to your Marsh Master® vehicle’s operating surfaces
  • Protects the Marsh Master® amphibious vehicle from just about anything you or Mother Nature can dish out.
  • Utilized worldwide in commercial, industrial, agricultural, military, and custom applications.

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Rearview Camera

Rearview camera system with in-cab display to safely view your rear mounted attachment at work.

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Buggy Jack

Multi-level, custom built jack designed specifically for the Marsh Master® vehicle’s track system.

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Need Maintenance to Your Marsh Master® Machine?

Marsh Master® amphibious vehicles are designed, engineered, fabricated and manufactured by Coast Machinery—and no one else. If your Marsh Master® vehicle needs service or maintenance to any parts, attachments or accessories, our full-line service facility can take care of the problems so you can take your machine back to the marsh.

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Further MM-1LX Resources, Information and Materials

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Length13 ‘ 8 “15 ‘ 10 “
Width7 ‘ 4 “8 ‘ 0 “
Height7 ‘ 5 “8 ‘ 0 “
Ground Clearance27 “32 “
Track Width24 “28 “
Weight3900 lbs6110-6960 lbs (depending on model and options)
Floating Load Capacity1500 lbs (max)1800 lbs max (depending on model and options)
Speed on Land6 mph8 mph
Speed in Water1 mph1 mph
Engine57 hp Kubota WG1605-GLN-E3 Gasoline74 HP Kohler KDI2504TCR Turbocharged Diesel
Final DriveDirect Drive High-Torque MotorDirect Drive High-Torque Motor
Body3/32 ” and 3/16” Aluminum1/8 ” and 3/16” Aluminum
Winch9,000 lb front mounted hydraulic10,000 lb front mounted hydraulic
Outboard Motor/Hydraulic Prop Drive ReadyYesYes
Auxiliary Tool Circuit3-8 gpm/3000 psi3-8 gpm/3000 psi
Opt. High Flow Aux. Tool Cir.N/A30 gpm/3000 psi
Ground PressureApprox. 1 psi, min. environmental impactApprox. 1 psi, min. environmental impact
TransportCan be towed with a properly equipped pickup truckCan be towed with a properly equipped pickup truck
3-Point HitchN/AYes
Marsh Master<sup>®</sup>

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