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Marsh Master History


In 1971 John B. Coast, an avid duck hunter and a mechanical engineer with extensive machine design experience, was challenged by some fellow hunting partners in a duck lease south of Morgan City, LA to build a machine that could get them into hunting areas that were virtually inaccessible. John accepted the challenge and went to the drawing board. In the summer of 1971 he designed and built a small marsh buggy that was used very successfully on that duck lease for several years. In 1980 he realized that what he had learned over those years could be applied in the commercial market. After much thought, prayer and encouragement from others the vision for the Marsh Master was realized. A lightweight, high flotation, aluminum marsh buggy with pontoons inside a rubber belt track system.

 In July 1981, the first Marsh Master was delivered to an oilfield surveying company in Lafayette, LA. That machine is still in use today. Over the years, the basic design has been improved, refined and expanded to include larger models as well as specialty attachments.

Marsh Masters are presently being used by electric utility companies, contractors, surveyors, environmental companies, oil and gas companies, search and rescue and municipal/government agencies, simply because they can go through terrains that limit or stop other track type or wheel type vehicles. The Marsh Master is known throughout these industries as a quality piece of equipment with exceptional capabilities.

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