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Wetland Management Phragmites Control

The Marsh Master excels at land management projects in wetlands and marshy environments. Customers including state and federal Departments of Natural Resources, Wildlife & Fisheries and Land Management Bureaus, use the Marsh Master to mow and mitigate invasive grasses, maintain right-of ways, tackle phragmites, cattails with spray herbicide, and manage controlled burns with fire breaks and water spray suppression. 

With the Marsh Master Amphibious Roller Chopper, phragmites grasses that have been sprayed or are brittle from winter can be toppled and crushed—effectively pulverizing the stalks so it wont grow back in the spring. With its high flotation and very minimal ground pressure, the marsh buggy glides along the surface of the marsh without harming habitat or native species. It first flattens the stalks with its all aluminum body and then chops up the remaining material with the roller attachment. 

The Marsh Master is designed specifically for traversing wetland terrain. The following key Marsh Master products are specifically designed to help with all aspects of land management.

A practical alternative to costly aerial herbicide applications or mowing operations in wetland areas inaccessible to non-amphibious equipment, the MM-2LX Amphibious Cutter is the perfect tool for year-round land management. Low ground pressure minimizes rutting or damage to sensitive wetland areas.Fully amphibious capability allows access to swamps, marshes and wetland terrain inaccessible by other equipment.

Two heavy-duty rotary blades cut a 76” swath through deep underbrush and tall marsh grasses. Equip the MM-2LX Cutter with the optional fire suppression system, and you have a all-in-one controlled burn manager and fire break creator.

The MM-2LX Roller Chopper is a simple, low cost method that rolls and flattens grasses while tracking, creating an 8′ open swath with each pass. Ideal for invasive phragmites and cattail control, wetline creation in control burning operations, or creating open water waterfowl habitat. Attaches easily to Marsh Master’s 3-point hitch, which can be raised and lowered. Drum can be filled with water for extra weight.

Extremely effective in standing water up to 3′ deep. Fast and amazingly effective. Flattens and chops tall grasses, cutting a 8’-wide swath through marshes and wetlands.

The MM-2LX Herbicide Sprayer is a fully amphibious unit ideal for herbicide spraying projects in swamps, marshes and wetland terrain inaccessible by other equipment. Practical alternative to costly aerial herbicide applications or mowing operations in wetland areas inaccessible to non-amphibious equipment. Low ground pressure minimizes environmental impact. The hydraulic or gas driven HYPRO D-30 pump delivers via hand gun up to 8 gallons per minute at a distance of 65 feet.


The MM-2LX Fire Suppression Unit features one 55 gallon water tank built into each pontoon for water transport or optional 110 gallon rear mounted tank. Rapidly replenish the water tanks with a suction hose that can draw water from available on-site sources. Delivers a max. flow of 20 gpm at a distance approx. 35 ft.Fully amphibious unit ideal for controlled burns or wetland wildfire suppression in marsh or swamp terrain inaccessible by other equipment.

Low ground pressure minimizes environmental impact. Hydraulic rotary cutter or roller chopper attachments can be easily combined with fire suppression unit to create fire breaks and wet lines.

Simple… Rugged… Reliable…

The Marsh Master is a tough machine. It has to be because wetlands present some of the harshest environments for machinery. Everything is designed to keep you from getting stranded at the world’s end.

The hydrostatic drive is rugged, simple and safe. There are no clutches, brakes, gears, or chains to maintain or control. The main pump connects directly to the engine supplying flow to low speed, high torque final drives. The all-mechanical linkages make the machine very smooth and easy to operate, using only one hand. Ease of operation, excellent control-ability, and bullet-proof reliability ensure you and your crew make it back to the bank every time.
Unlike a molded rubber track, the Marsh Master track is a modular design that incorporates light weight, high strength aluminum track cleats, stainless steel bolts, rubber belts and wear resistant urethane drive lugs. The advantages of this design are many. the high strength aluminum cleats provide aggressive traction even in the worst conditions. All components of the track provide long-term maintenance free service. The stainless steel track bolts will not corrode, even in salt water, ensuring easy removal. Each component can be easily replaced if worn or damaged, and good components can be reused when belts eventually have to be changed.


1/8″ and 3/16″ marine grade aluminum unibody construction provides high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, and years of trouble free service that customers expect and demand from our products. “The proof is in the pudding”- the first production Marsh Master, built in 1980, is still in use today.
The proprietary bogey system that supports the Marsh Master is the spine of the machine. It supports the weight of the machine while providing a smooth ride in soft terrain. Totally sealed and requiring no greasing, it is designed to run day in and day out in mud, sand, grit, and grime, and only with occasional maintenance. When service is required, the oil can be changed without removal from the machine, but the simple bolt-on design makes for easy removal if need be.
The Marsh Master incorporates a 10,000 lb front-mounted hydraulic winch. With no electric motor, switches, or solenoids to corrode or burn out, this winch provides reliable pulling power every time you need it.

Lagniappe…a little something extra

The Marsh Master has a transom for mounting a small outboard motor. You may find mounting an outboard motor to be advantageous when travelling a long distance over water or travelling in a heavy current. With a small tiller steer outboard motor, the Marsh Master will steer and maneuver like a boat.


The auxiliary hydraulic circuit makes the machine more than just a personnel carrier. Every machine comes standard with a 6-8 gpm circuit for running open center tools. The MM-2C-LX model is equipped with a standard tool circuit as well as a 25 gpm high flow circuit. Check out our MM-2LX Page for all of the hydraulic attachments that we offer for the Marsh Master.
Each Marsh Master has a cargo area in the rear of the buggy for hauling tools, containers, personnel or whatever else you may need.
Marsh Master