Making the Impassable Possible.

Key Industries

The Marsh Master is devoted to finding solutions to challenges our customers have while operating in specific industries. From utility line maintenance and installation, to land management and fire suppression, the Marsh Master provides specialized tools and attachments for each amphibious vehicle— helping you get the job done in difficult environments.

With more than 40 years of experience operating in these industries, Marsh Master remains the most versatile, efficient and cost effective amphibious tool on the market:

Environmental Soil Sampling

Erosion control

Fire Suppression

Geo-fence Installation

Land Management


Mosquito Control

Municipal Water Way Maintenance

Municipal Pond and Reservoir Maintenance

Oil & Gas Exploration

Oilfield Infrastructure

Oilfield Construction

Oil & Gas Maintenance

Phragmites, Cattails, Invasive Species Control

Retention Pond Maintenance

Right of Way (ROW) Maintenance

Pipeline/Utility/Sewer Right of Way (ROW) Maintenance

Powerline Construction and Maintenance

Search & Rescue

Seismic Measuring

Storm recovery/Cleanup/ Debris Removal

Surveying and Sampling

Utility Guy Wire Anchor Installation

Utility Line Installation

Utility Line Maintenance

Telecom Tower Maintenance

Waterfowl Management

Wellhead Maintenance

Wetland Mitigation

Wildland Fire Suppression/Controlled Burning

Marsh Master