Making the Impassable Possible.


At Marsh Master, we are in the business of finding exact solutions to your operational challenges in the marsh. We have developed several accessories to customize your Marsh Master Buggy.

Prop Drive— for deep water or moderate currents, the prop drive can give your marsh buggy additional speed over water (up to 3 mph)

Overhead Rack— Carry additional equipment with our all aluminum overhead rack

Deck Rails— When your crew needs additional deck space for conducting operations while afloat

Vinyl Cab Enclosure— Just a quick safety note: never enclose your marsh buggy while operating over water or obstruct the ability of drivers and DSC01707passengers from quickly swimming to safety in case of capsize or swamping. The vinyl cab enclosure is perfect for cold or inclement weather operations.

Deck Insert

Hydraulic Driven Generator

Marsh Master