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Marsh Master® MM-2LX

MM-1LX or MM-2LX ? Choose the best tool for your application.



The With a floating load capacity of 1500 lbs, it is designed to be a personnel carrier, or support a 70 gallon herbicide spray rig. Its low ground pressure and light footprint make it ideal for working in environmentally sensitive areas. The MM-2LX is a larger model that is designed with versatility in mind. It can function as a personnel carrier as well as a platform for running various auxiliary attachments. More flotation, power, and hydraulic flow give this machine the capability to perform a variety of tasks with various hydraulic-driven attachments.Load capacity is 2200 lbs (maximum capacity may vary with each model).

MM-1LX/MM-2LX Comparison Chart

Length 13 ‘ 8 “ 15 ‘ 10 “
Width 7 ‘ 4 “ 8 ‘ 0 “
Height 7 ‘ 5 “ 7 ‘ 11 “
Ground Clearance 24 “ 32 “
Track Width 24 “ 28 “
Weight (approximate) 3900 lbs 5970-6450 lbs (depending on model)
Load Capacity 1500 lbs up to 2200 lbs (depending on model)
Speed on Land 6 mph 8 mph
Speed in Water 1 mph (tracks only) 3 mph (prop drive) 1 mph (tracks only) 3 mph (prop drive)
Engine 44 hp KubotaV1505-T 81 hp VM D754 TE3
Transmission Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Final Drive Direct Drive High Torque Direct Drive High Torque
Body 3/32 ” (sides) 1/8 ” (bottoms) Aluminum 1/8 ” (sides) 3/16″ (bottoms) Aluminum
Front-Mounted Hydraulic Winch Standard Standard
Outboard Motor Mount Standard Standard
Auxiliary Tool Circuit Standard Standard


The Marsh Master MM-2LX is a larger model that is designed with versatility in mind. The MM-2 series, introduced in 1990, was developed due to requests from customers desiring to break into new fields of operation. Recently, several key features of the MM-2 were improved and refined, resulting in our latest series, the MM-2LX. The MM-2LX has the ability to get more personnel to the job site. More flotation and a more powerful drive system give the Marsh Master MM-2LX more capacity and the ability to serve as a tool carrier for a variety of hydraulically driven attachments. Utilizing our custom 3-point hitch system, the MM-2LX has the ability to do many different jobs, giving you more bang for your buck.

Advantages of the MM-2LX:

  • Increased Flotation
  • Larger Cargo Area
  • Lower Ground Pressure
  • Higher Ground Clearance
  • Enhanced Maneuverability when Afloat

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  • Length: 15 ‘ 10 “
  • Width: 8 ‘ 0 “
  • Height: 8 ‘ 0 “
  • Ground Clearance: 32 “
  • Track Width: 28 “
  • Engine: 81 HP VM D754 TE3 Turbocharged Diesel
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Final Drive: Direct Drive High Torque Motor
  • Speed on Land: 8 mph
  • Speed in Water: 1 mph
  • Body: 1/8 ” & 3/16 ” aluminum
  • Front Mounted Hydraulic Winch: Standard
  • Outboard Motor Ready: Standard
  • Auxiliary Tool Circuit (Standard): 3-8 gpm@3000 psi
  • Weight (approximate): 5970 lbs
  • Floating Load Capacity: 2200 lbs
  • Ground Pressure: Less than 1 psi
  • Transport: Can Be Towed with A Properly Equipped Pickup Truck
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The MM-2LX can be configured to support one or several attachments in combination. This versatility increases the capability of the machine, allowing you to perform more tasks at a lower cost.

Heavy Duty Tilt-Deck Trailer
A high quality custom trailer designed specifically for MM-2LX. Like the Marsh Master, it is built to last.

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Overhead Carrying Rack
With an area of 3 ‘ x 6 ‘, the overhead rack is ideal for carrying tools and other lightweight items up to 100 lb.
High Flow Auxiliary Circuit
A standard 10 gpm quick connect tool circuit or an optional 25 gpm high flow circuit give the ability to run a variety of hydraulic attachments.
3-Point Hitch
Much like a tractor, the class-1 three-point hitch enables the Marsh Master to support various implements and hydraulic-driven attachments.
Removable Deck Inserts
These aluminum deck panels can be inserted as needed to create a large, flat deck surface.
Deck Rails
An open deck with bolt-on rails works well both as a personnel carrier, or for hauling equipment to the job site.
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